We Are Behind the Scenes

We Are Behind the Scenes

Hi! My name’s Mila Austin, a content creator at High Time Records.

Recently, High Time sent me to shoot the Behind the Scenes content for Only Shadows’ music video titled ‘We Are Machines’. The song and video (Directed by Matthew Hoult at RAWR productions) came out just over a month ago and it’s one of my favourite things! Being a part of something so creative and inspiring like this is such an amazing experience- I’ve linked the Behind the Scenes video down below so you can get a good insight into what I mean.

Having a task like BTS assigned to you is such a fun privilege. You get to fully immerse yourself in the experience on set whilst having the benefit that your being there isn’t essential, so to speak. If you weren’t there, the music video would be just as good without you. This gives you a day of absolute pressure-free fun to witness and capture absolutely every aspect of a ginormous, stressed and hardworking crew on a beautiful set. You can get right in there (as long as you’re not in shot) or just watch from a distance.

The idea was to capture the beginnings of our journey with Only Shadows, these are exciting moments, and ones I’m sure we and the band will look back on in years to come. For me, the whole process began on a Skype call with Matthew and Arianna Hoult, the Director and Producer of the video, along with the boys of the band. We spoke about the concept of the video, talked through the treatment and the plans of the day; what shots would happen when and how etc. I really thought it would be a tiny crew, just the band and a few other people but then the call sheet arrived and was way longer than I thought, all together 30 people were to show up on the day.

It was an early start for everyone, I met the Only Shadows boys at Guildford station and we made our way to set. Arriving on set was a real ‘wow’ moment – the scenery was just stunning, and seeing the crew rushing around already hard at work, manoeuvring the caravan into place, setting up lights, and getting the actors ready was something else! The scale of it really sunk in at this point, the boys were absolutely blown away and remained in a state of awe all day. It’s so nice to see an amazing band of talented and lovely lads getting what they deserve for their music, even better when they’re embarrassed by “all the fuss”.

As a photographer, I had been checking the weather forecast regularly in the run-up to the shoot, but we were blessed with it being fairly mild and overcast for the majority of the day, so it wasn’t a struggle to be outside and meant the light didn’t change every 5 minutes. We were surrounded by trees and greenery, it was real a pleasure to escape from London for the day and spend the whole time in such a beautiful place.  

Matthew briefed the boys for the day, picked out their outfits and then proceeded to be behind the camera whilst in 10 other places at once, all day. It’s great to watch a director direct and he did such a good job at inspiring and encouraging the actors and band. Watching everyone do their jobs on set was so interesting; from Assistants, to Director of Photography, Set Design, Hair and Make up, Lights, Electricians and Actors. Ruxandra Porojnicu, who played the lead role, seemed to stay in character all day from the moment she had her costume on, she was outstanding and shocked everyone with the quality of her performance.

The day quickly became night as the shoot went on; a lot had to be done in one day and everyone worked their absolute hardest to make this stunning video come together- and I got to witness it all!

I hope you enjoy watching the behind scenes video as much as I did making it!

Click HERE to see photos from the day!