We Are Machines

We Are Machines

The first single to feature on High Time 45 is officially out and It’s called ‘WE ARE MACHINES.’ - Written and performed by Only Shadows, and accompanied by a beautiful music video directed by Matthew Hoult. We’re so excited to be sharing it with you, have a little look at some behind the scenes photos from the day and get an insight into what went on.

To begin with, we must say that the production of this video was just INCREDIBLE, and we can’t praise the crew at RAWR enough for pulling together such a masterpiece; an amazing experience for both the band and us at High Time! 

Director, Matthew Hoult, describes the concept behind the visuals;

“We Are Machines is a story of an AI robot set in an alternative present, trying to escape the mundane repetition of life. Her owners mysteriously disappeared sometime in the 60’s and ever since she repeats her tasks each day but she can’t escape the curiosity of what it is like to be human.”

The Robot, played by Ruxandra Porojnicu, shown having her hair retouched in the photo below, features as the main role who carries the narrative through the video. 

Alex Moffit, Bassist says, "When we arrived on set, we couldn't quite believe how many people were working on it! The scenery surrounding us was amazing and fit hand in hand with how we wanted to portray this song. We all really loved writing 'We Are Machines' so we're glad to have such an epic video, with a great team and actors to support it. I guess we couldn't stop enjoying ourselves on set, maybe too much considering we had to be serious when rolling!!! We set off at 5am and got home in the early hours of the next day, but it was well worth the lack of sleep!"

Nick, Lead vocalist explains; "The song is about the frustrations of everyday life that we all have, and I'm sure everyone can relate to. We didn't want it to seem too sad though, as you only really feel what you focus on, and we wanted to portray and get across our positivity in trying to get out of the usual day to day gloom. With the idea in mind, the song pretty much wrote itself and got bigger and bigger once I'd taken it to the rehearsal space and everyone added their layers. It was certainly a song that flowed by itself and before we knew it, was completed, recorded and ready to go. We experimented more with backing vocals and harmonies with We Are Machines, so I guess we owe a lot to this song as the experience we had boosted and helped with other songs too."


Words from the Only Shadows boys; "Working with High Time has so far been amazing, they have started to already invest in our development before anything was even signed! To us that proved they were about our development as a band and not after the £ Signs. They also let us go away and record the second HT45 single by ourselves and trusted our abilities as song writers to make something amazing. We headed back to Scotland to work with Bruce Rintoul and we’re so happy with the results. We’ve got loads planned for the future, our 2nd single released through HT45 will be out in a couple of months after our tour with Coasts, the track is a different vibe to anything we’ve done before but it’s still OS. 

Photos by Mila Austin 


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